Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1977)

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (47:57)


Or: alien invasion of the nice kind. Then again, are these aliens as benevolent as people think? We have theories. Steven Spielberg‘s 2nd AFI movie makes for our 98th T100P podcast. Was this a worthy choice for the Institute to include on their list? Theories on that too! Check out ye ol’ Sparkplug Coffee, then tune us in for words about CE3K.


The answer to the Coming Attractions Trivia

CE3K on Wikipedia

Bev’s good buddy Richard Dreyfuss on IMDb

Francois Truffaut on IMDb

Melinda Dillon on IMDb

Cary Guffey on IMDb

John Williams on IMDb

Rotten Tomatoes reviews

Box Office Mojo Top 200 Adjusted For Inflation

1977 Academy Award winners and nominees

Oscar acceptance speeches: Vilmos Zsigmond and Frank Warner (at 2:50)

1977 in film

Bar-ar-ar-ry’s terrifying abduction on YouTube

Roy’s sculpting talents emerge on YouTube

CE3K contact! on YouTube

Roy goes into the mothership (special edition) on YouTube

The Making Of CE3K on YouTube (in multiple parts)

Pinocchio and The Day The Earth Stood Still and 2001: A Space Odyssey and Jaws and Star Wars and Contact on IMDb

2001 and Jaws T100P podcasts

Previously on the T100P: Star Wars

May 18th on the T100P: The Deer Hunter

5 thoughts on “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (1977)

  1. I love this flick anyway, but some cool personal on-a-tangent trivia that actually made me like it even more: Jill’s full first name is Jillian, and it’s so because her parents first heard it in this movie and just loved the sound of it.

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