Do The Right Thing (1989)

Do The Right Thing (59:57) Rated R for some filthy words that will cause your children to riot.

Do The Right Thing 2

T100P podcast #109 is ageless and urgent. Spike Lee‘s finest film stars himself with a tremendous cast of exuberant character actors. The passion, the energy, the (unfortunately) timely subject matter. This is a special way to end the ’80s. Get some Sparkplug Coffee and come hear our low-down on an outstanding motion picture.


Coming Attractions Trivia Answers: ??? and ??? and ??? (or is it ???)

Rotten Tomatoes reviews

Links to: Danny Aiello and Rosie Perez and Ossie Davis and Giancarlo Esposito and John Turturro

AFI’s Top 100 Lists

1989 in film

1989 Academy Award winner and nominees

Links to: School Daze and Platoon and Driving Miss Daisy and Malcolm X

YouTube links: the racist stereotypes scene and the love v. hate monologue and Radio Raheem buys some batteries and the window breaks and the riot ensues and Spike Lee talks about funding Malcolm X on Inside The Actor’s Studio and Siskel & Ebert’s “Best Of 1989” show

Previously on the T100P: Platoon

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