Memento (2001)

Rated R, right? Can’t remember… 😉

The ultimate in gimmicky puzzle films (in a year that was filled with them) provides our juicy topic for the Next 141 Project. Guy Pearce plays one of the most unreliable narrators in film history and we speculate if he actually has “selective memory syndrome”, rather than bonafide Anterograde Amnesia. Bev has strong feelings about who the real villain of Christopher Nolan’s Memory Movie is and we both claw into the truth about Leonard’s opinion about his condition. Trying to fully grasp this movie is hard work and even repeated viewings don’t answer all your questions…and that’s a plus! So fire up our gum-flap about one of the very best pictures of the first 2 decades of this century.

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For The Record: Nolan has directed 10 movies, not 8. Also, to be clear, Teddy says he was assigned Leonard’s case when the Shelbys were attacked, so he’s been dealing with Leonard ever since then. He didn’t just happen to come across a man who’s mentally ill and take advantage of him.


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