Audition (2000)

Despite the subject matter, this episode is rated PG.

The 3rd entry in Scary Movie Month finds us in Japan as we get under the skin of Takashi Miike’s Audition. Whether it’s one of the first J-Horror flicks or a forerunner to torture porn is up for debate, but you can’t debate that this is an intense experience that you’ll never forget. We saw the movie a little differently though. We couldn’t agree about whether or not the most memorable scenes are even real. And is Aoyama into sadomasochism? Also, why does Asami do the shudder-inducing things she does? Anyway, the 364th Ellises’ Analysis doesn’t aim for your ankles but it does go pretty deep (deeper, deeper, deeper) into the nooks and also the crannies of Odishon.

Well, Actually: We didn’t bring up the Rotten Tomatoes reviews like we usually do, which were 82% of critics and 80% of audiences. Also, we didn’t talk about how castration (!) might very well be a subtext of what happens in the infamous climax.

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