The Fly (1986)

Rated PG. If your kids are keen to hear about this movie, their ears won’t hear inappropriate things.

The Fly

Be Sci-Fi Month, be very Sci-Fi Month. The 395th Ellises’ Analysis is the first of 4 flicks we’ll discuss in June that identify with that creative genre. When you talk about David Cronenberg’s 3 or 4 best pictures, The Fly has got to be a part of that shortlist. Sure, there’s his trademark body horror and some jump scares and plenty of creepiness throughout, but it’s also got more heart than almost any other horror movie. It’s really a tragic love story sold as a fright flick. Jeff Goldblum is at his best here (putting up with extensive, Oscar-winning make-up that eventually swallows him right up), but Geena Davis’ performance is wonderful too. She’s the reason the last scene could make a person require eye-drying tissues. Lauded at the time, The Fly is maturing like a fine Canadian wine and it’s even better now. So don’t liquify your food in disgusting ways. Just curl up with our podcast and a few (solid) donuts to hear us dig into the nooks and crannies of the legend of Brundlefly.

Well, Actually: Ronnie’s character is briefly in The Fly II, but Saffron Henderson plays her, not Geena Davis. Also, Jeff Goldblum HAS been in other movies we’ve covered beyond the ones that were mentioned, including his non-speaking role in Nashville and his one-line cameo in Annie Hall.

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