Misery (1990)

Rated R for some words worse than “oogie”.

Rob Reiner took a break from his run of classic ’80s comedies to direct a thriller and he scored again, even though he wasn’t in his comfort zone. Kathy Bates won an Oscar for her tightrope performance that blends horror with campy comedy about as well you possibly can. She’s James Caan’s #1 fan and she’s also the perfect representation of a toxic fan. Stephen King (who wrote the book) could no doubt personally relate to that. We hashed out the work and the clashing styles of the 2 main characters (there were disagreements), but there’s no disputing how terrific Richard Farnsworth and Frances Sternhagen are. The 363rd Ellises’ Analysis is anything but a cockadoodie, so stash your pain pills, and don’t let a madwoman take a sledge to your ankles, MISTER MAN.

Well, Actually: The Green Mile had 4 Oscar nominations, not 5. Also, The Running Man is indeed one of the 4 short stories in the Rage/The Long Walk/Roadwork series of King’s “Bachman Books”. Also also, Bates is only 5’3″, while Caan is nearly 5’10”, so camera angles obviously made her seem more physically imposing than she really is.

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