Glory (1989)

 Rated R for occasional swearings.

This movie was recently mentioned on Jeopardy! Nice. We love Jeopardy. So, anyway, Ferris Bueller plays White Saviour to a bunch of courageous, black, Civil War soldiers in the Next 151 Project. And, against the odds, it really works. This remains a powerful film 30 years on, especially when the focus shifts (at least somewhat) from Matthew Broderick to Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and friends. Broderick (and the man he portrays, Colonel Shaw) might be in over his head, but that benefits the character and the movie. It’s a flicker show filled with great moments and exceptional battle scenes. Ed Zwick has directed a few underrated motion pics, but his Civil War opus  is his most-meaningful accomplishment.

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For The Record: Cary Elwes’ character is a major, so calling him Shaw’s “top lieutenant” was meant as a figure of speech. Also, Washington was nominated for Best Supporting Actor in 1987’s Cry Freedom and one of his fellow nominees was Freeman (his nom was for Street Smart).


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