Dirty Dancing (1987)

 Rated PG, for once!

Nobody puts the Next 164 Project in a corner because that would be stupid and inaccurate. It’s not a corner! There’s a lot of discussion about that terrible line in this episode, plus there’s more singing than we’ve done in a long time. We also had more Reasonably Good Questions than maybe ever before (Bev provided a few Reasonably Good Answers) and we certainly dug into the issues of classism and Penny’s, let’s say, shma-shmortion. Despite the main character being a teenager named “Baby” (ugh), this love story is quite sexy and helped Jennifer Grey (what happened to her?) and Pat Swayze solidify their early-’80s stardom. It might be cheesy, but Dirty Dancing remains fun & it’s even a little touching. It’s also impossible to hate that soundtrack. Get your hungry ears on and enjoy!

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For The Record: Baby does seem to be 17, not 16, according to various sources on the Internet.


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