Sin City (2005)

Rated R because we swore sometimes.

For the 190th time, we give you a Next 100 Project podcast…and this lip-wag is about one graphically vicious movie. This modern noir that uses plenty of florid dialogue from ’40s crime thrillers is no longer as effective on us as it was 15 years ago. Is it maybe just a little too much of the old ultra-violence (and ultra-nudity)? The ensemble cast mostly excels without getting a ton of screentime, especially Mickey Rourke in a career-rejuvenating performance as Marv. Best of all, the visual style used by co-directors Robert RodriguezFrank Miller was groundbreaking at the time. There are still more ups than downs here. We covered a lot of ground in this ep (including Bev’s rant about the pros & cons of unions) and we certainly dug into the film’s sexism. So get your mind away from viruses for a short while and inhale our black-and-white-and-some-colour thoughts about Sin City.

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