Nomadland (2021)

 Rated PG. The language is quite clean this time.

Best Picture 2021

It’s only been about a month since this year’s weird Oscars, but this was a good time for the 394th Ellises’ Analysis to spend a solid hour unraveling the beauty of the heartfelt winner of Best Picture. As she so often is, Frances McDormand is quiet, stern and so real. She lets her fellow performers and Chloe Zhao’s story come to her. Fern/Fran accomplishes more with a simple gesture than most people do in a 10-minute monologue. And she’s working with mostly unprofessional actors! They’re real nomads basically just playing themselves, but they all shine (especially Bob and Swankie). Nomadland gets better with multiple viewings and we’ll explain why some elements were more personal to us this time than they were when we saw it for the first time back in early April. So don’t be a loner who can’t be tied down. Or do, if that’s what you want and need. But whichever path you take, toss our chat into your ears and feel every feeling in this movie right along with us.

This episode is dedicated to Jason Ellis. If you’re struggling and you need emotional support, please go to this link.

Well, Actually: The director of Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day is indeed Bharat Nalluri. Also, the movie WAS shot digitally. Also also, in yet again watching the scene between Fern and Bob towards the end, there is practically no doubt that Fern was always a wanderer at heart and—love for her husband aside—she never wanted to be stuck in one place.

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