Ordinary People (1980)

We’re rated PG this time. Pretty fam-friendly.

Are you ready for some grief? Well, the world is a terrible place run by terrible tyrants, so probably. Let’s try this again. Are you ready to hear us yammer on about people who are too stilted to deal with their grief? The Next 182 Project ordinaries up its people and argues that Mary Tyler Moore’s neglectful mom character just has an inability to communicate and show emotion. Those are some bad flaws, but they don’t make her a villain. She—like Donald Sutherland’s Calvin and Oscar-winner Timothy Hutton’s Conrad—is just broken by a family tragedy. Empathy, people! Robert Redford’s imperfect, but heartfelt movie is all about that. Anyway, Raging Bull is the classic that most people remember from 1980, but this 40-year-old winner of Best Picture remains very fine in a completely different way. Quiet flick, big impact. Hit it!

Well, Actually…: Color Of Night was the only movie Richard Rush directed after The Stunt Man and it did indeed “score” him a Razzie nomination. Also, Bev’s right that Pachelbel’s Canon is popular music for the bridal march because it’s also in the great I Love You, Man.

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