Fight Club (1999)


The 85th drop in the Next 100 Project bucket burrows into the schizophrenic world of Fight Club. Not a hit in 1999 yet absolutely worshipped now, the Fincher/Pitt/Norton satire (it is a satire, right?) has more angles than a roomful of triangles. It’s also got Helena Bonham Carter swiping the whole movie away from the 2 macho leads. Also, there’s plenty of soap and terrorism! Rich tapestry here. Like coffee? Go to Sparkplug Coffee where you’ll save 10% on your first order if you use the discount code “Top100Project”.

For The Record: It’s actually Pitt who says he’d fight his dad while Norton says he’d fight his boss. Also, Jared Leto’s band (Thirty Seconds To Mars) was founded in 1998, a solid year before Fight Club came out.


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