Up (2009)

 Rated G for g’everyone.

Perhaps the ultimate example of Pixar’s uncanny ability to make people “ugly cry” is this funny, heartbreaking and unconventionally-cast bit of brilliance from 10 years ago. The 154th Next 100 Project spends a bunch of time talking about DOGS!…and doing dog impressions. Bev loves Dug even more than you might expect and we both have doe eyes for this entire flick. The snapshot of the Carl/Ellie relationship is one of the best 4 minutes in motion picture history, but the story that follows (SQUIRREL!) captured us fully, despite the ridiculous premise. So enjoy Toy Story 4 later this week, but first spend 50 minutes with us teeth-clanging about this animated loveliness.

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For The Record: John Ratzenberger’s character doesn’t get bonked on the head, neither does a black guy. It’s this guy. Also, the cinematographer was Patrick Lin. We didn’t say his actual name, just talked about his work.


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