O Brother, Where Art Thou (2000)

PG! We were nice and clean in this ‘un.

What’s funnier than chain gangs and the KKK in the Deep South during the Depression? Perhaps nothing could be. Okay, it sounds like an unfunny subject, but the remarkable Joel & Ethan Coen defy the odds by casting great actors, featuring a lot of dynamite songs and unleashing plenty of goofiness. O Brother helped make George Clooney a movie star, even though he, John Turturro and the hilarious Tim Blake Nelson are pretty much playing the Three Stooges. If only the Stooges were this likable or blessed with such a gift of gab! We talked a lot about the Coens’ entire career (the comedies, the dramas, the hits, the misses) and we certainly dug into the inspiration for this zany flick (The Odyssey). Time for some fun, so we suggest you DO seek the tray-sure of the 369th Ellises’ Analysis.

Well, Actually: The first film in which both Coens were credited as a director was The Ladykillers. Also, Tim Blake Nelson’s character in The Incredible Hulk was Samuel Sterns aka The Leader.

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