Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Rated R for a smattering of swears.

If you dig beauty pageants, the 377th Ellises’ Analysis probably won’t be your jam. We weren’t kind to such ridiculous nonsense in this episode. We did love the performances of these actors though and the Dayton/Faris/Arndt directing & writing team set this chemistry-filled cast up with some good material. And the laughs! Funny movie. There are problems though. The surprise ending that bonds the family is delightful and the movie mocks beauty pageants, but the film is still asking us to root for a little girl to enter one in the first place. Anyway, it’s time to dance with your superfreaky family and gulp down some ice cream for breakfast as you judge our thoughts about Little Miss Sunshine.

Well, Actually: It should be noted that pageant assistant Pam (Mary Lynn Rajskub) also takes quiet delight in Olive’s controversial dance, just as the DJ and that weird biker guy do.

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