The VVitch (2016)

 Rated ye R, thou sensitive-ear types.

The Next 124 Project digs very deep into a movie that audiences didn’t appreciate the way film nerds and movie critics did. Beautiful to look at, well-acted (archaic language and all) and dense with meaning, Robert Eggers’ very first motion picture is like delicious butter. The tone, in particular, is pitch perfect. We analyze just when Thomasin became what she became, whether or not the family was eating poisoned corn and we certainly tackle the religious angles. We do have some issues with the all-too-literal ending and suggest how it could have gone differently. Still, though, strong work on the independent horror scene here. To get thou through our talk, drink up Sparkplug Coffee. Use the promo code “top100project” when you check out and you will be rewarded with a 10% discount.

For The Record: Glass will actually be released on Bev’s birthday (January 18th), not in February.


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