The Canadian Special

Canadian Special (52:45) This podcast is rated R for language.

Canada Special

It’s the return of The Not 100 Project! No AFI movies need apply. This week we review 3 Canadian flicks: The Sweet Hereafter, Cube & The Barbarian Invasions. We even have an interview with the co-writer of Cube, Andre Bijelic!

Some helpful links (by request!)

The NFB has helpfully compiled all their oscar winning shorts for us here:

And we also mentioned another NFB classic, Les Raquetteurs, which is widely regarded as the first cinema verité film.

<iframe src="; width="530" height="345" ></iframe><p style="width:(( width ))px"><a href="; target="_blank"><em>Les raquetteurs</em></a> by <a href="; title="more films by Michel Brault" target="_blank">Michel Brault</a>&amp; by <a href="; title="more films by Gilles Groulx" target="_blank">Gilles Groulx</a>, <a href="; target="_blank">National Film Board of Canada</a></p>

And some of the other films we mentioned:

The Decline of the American Empire:

Mon Oncle Antoine:

Dead Ringers:



Last Night:

32 Short Films About Glen Gould:







Strange Brew:

Bon Cop, Bad Cop:

Resident Evil:

5 thoughts on “The Canadian Special

  1. Can you post links to the short films on YouTube that you mentioned near the end of this episode? And/or a general list of the many films you discussed. Thanks!

  2. My all-time favourite Canadian flick? Gotta be ‘Strange Brew.’ I’m definitely due for a re-watching of ‘The Sweet Hereafter,’ and your other two choices sound really interesting. During and just after college I enjoyed ‘Roadkill’ and ‘Highway 61,’ and I liked ‘Things to Do’ and found ‘Nothing’ to be a lot of fun. And I also enjoyed ‘Men With Brooms,’ despite the fact that no one on Earth is less interested in curling than I am. I was disappointed with ‘My Winnipeg,’ though.

    As for your Coming Attractions question, the next NYC “bottle episode” film after ‘Rear Window’ is another of my all-time faves, ’12 Angry Men.’

    1. Good diversity of other Canuckie flicks. I thought Men With Brooms was okay, also as someone who cares little for curling.

      As for the CA triv, you got it. Well done!

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