The Big Lebowski (1998)

 Rated R for all those strangers we found in the Alps.

Dudes, the Next 100 Project’s 98th venture is possibly our greatest chit chat yet. Bold claim, yes, but one of the funniest movies ever made inspired us to up our wisecrack game. The Coens are among our very favourite movie-makers, mostly because of how unique & hilarious their scripts are. And what a cast! Bridges, Goodman, Hoffman, Moore, Buscemi, Turturro, Stormare, Elliot. Just writing this preamble makes me want to watch the movie again! Abide your way over to and save 10% on your first order if you have the gumption to use the promo code “Top100Project”.

For The Record: Roger Deakins did win his 1st Oscar for Blade Runner 2049, but Carter Burwell lost out to Alexandre Desplat.

Oh, And This On The “Is Dude Gay” Angle—The thugs switching clothes could suggest they’re the ones who are gay and they just picked up the clothes they found lying on their shared bedroom floor. Also, Duder might be into women, but he could be bi-sexual. After all, his life partner seems to be Walter. And what about Jackie Treehorn drawing a picture of a guy with a huge erection? Maybe Jackie and his thugs, at least, prefer gentlemen.

Walter’s Connection To The Big Lebowski—Ryan mentioned that Walter has a van that says “Sobchak Security” on the the side and it’s implied that it’s his company. What if Walter is a mirror of the Big Lebowski, a trust-fund baby who’s sponging off his family’s wealth? Maybe it’s his dad’s company and he only has a job because of that, just like the Big Lebowski only has money because of his marriage to Maude’s mother.


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