Jaws (1975)

Jaws (53:43)

Jaws shrine

Yup, that’s Ryan’s shrine to Jaws. What you see on the top left of the Jaws action package is the invaluable Nigel Andrews book mentioned more than once during the podcast. Don’t we ever dust in our house?

So, anyway, the thrills, the chase, the blood, the teeth! Our 90th T100P podcast covers the rare thriller/horror/action flick on the list, which just happens to be Ryan’s favourite movie. Bev digs it too, even though Steven Spielberg is behind the bullhorn. Listen, but first order enough Sparkplug Coffee to fill “a bigger boat”.


Rotten Tomatoes reviews

Jaws the movie and Peter Benchley’s novel on Wikipedia

Links to: Roy Scheider and Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss and John Williams

AFI Top 100 Lists

Box Office Mojo’s Top 300 Adjusted For Inflation

1975 Academy Award winners and nominees

Oscar speeches: Verna Fields (at the 2:40 mark) and John Williams (at the 1:10 mark)

Links to: Jaws 2 and Jaws 3-D and Jaws: The Revenge and Psycho and The Godfather

YouTube links: the original trailer and Chrissie meets the shark and Alex becomes victim #2 and Brody suggests that the Orca might not be a match for our villain and the Indianapolis speech and the 90-minute Making Of Jaws and Creature From The Black Lagoon’s synchronized swimming and Great White Sharks breaching the water

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