The Best Years Of Our Lives (1946)

The Best Years Of Our Lives (39:41)

Best Years

Podcast #33 finds us exploring this post-war melodrama. We kept the wisecracks to a minimum this time, what with all the PTSD and alcoholism and handlessness. We not only discuss those cheerful topics, but also get into themes of post-war readjustment shared by many war movies that came later, not to mention the TV show Homeland. Check it out! It’s “swell’.

2 thoughts on “The Best Years Of Our Lives (1946)

  1. I haven’t seen Best Years, so I’ll stick with the Coming Attractions trivia for ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ The unofficial emcee at the end is Harry. Among the nice things folks say to George while giving him money:

    Violet: I’m not gonna go, George, I changed my mind.

    Mr. Martini: I busted my jukebox.

    Some guy: I wouldn’t have a roof over my head if it wasn’t for you, George!

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