Almost Famous (2000)

 Rated R for a smattering of swears.

Almost Famous is one of the most charming and enjoyable pictures of the past 20 years, so it provides us with much fat to chew on in the 360th Ellises’ Analysis. Well, okay, only one Ellis loves it. The other Ellis is no fan of Cameron Crowe’s ultra-personal road movie about friendship, love and rock ‘n’ roll. A big part of the disagreement is that we’re split on the effectiveness of Kate Hudson’s work and especially about how she was written by Crowe, but only a paranoid Billy Crudup can deny that Patrick Fugit is lovable & delightful in his first-ever movie. Throw in some McDormand, some Hoffman, some Deschanel, some incredible music and some big laughs and you’ve got yourself a hit. Well, this movie wasn’t actually a hit (wasn’t even close) and the negative feelings of one of us might explain why. Anyway, it’s all happening, so settle in for a lengthy gab and also…you have a good day!

Well, Actually: To be clear, Roger Ebert said in his review that he wanted to hug Almost Famous, not the documentary about him (Life Itself). Also, it’s The Wind by Cat Stevens that’s playing when Hudson is dancing alone after one of the concerts. Also also, Fugit (which apparently is pronounced “Few-gut”, not “Few-jit”) WAS indeed in Outcast.

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