Scream (1996)

Rated R for a little bit of objectionable dialogue


Scary Movie Month is officially here! We start it with one of the landmark slasher flicks of the ’90s, perhaps one of the greats of all time. Shockmaster director Wes Craven knew better than almost anyone else how to make something like Scream work. His movie has a high body count and gallons of gore, sure, but it’s meta up the nose and it remains pretty funny. Craven also gives us one of the great opening scenes ever. Ironically, we discussed how with all those red herrings, it’s almost as much a mystery film as it is a horror picture. Who killed Casey and who’s now menacing Sidney? So, yeah, Scream’s still got the goods. Don’t bow to peer pressure or make your parents so mad at you. Just pop some corn, crack open a few cold ones and listen to the 411th Ellises’ Analysis warble on about high-school snarksters and their Ghostface Killah.

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