West Side Story (1961)

West Side Story (44:46)

West Side Story

If you like to snap and leap and prance whilst threatening brutal violence against your enemy, then the 61st edition of the T100P is right up your New York alley. Bev cannot contain her delight with this musical. Ryan’s delight is quite contained. Check it out!

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West Side Story musical play on Wikipedia

Natalie Wood on IMDb

Richard Beymer on IMDb

Rita Moreno on IMDb

George Chakiris on IMDb

Robert Wise on IMDb

Jerome Robbins on Wikipedia

Ernest Lehman on IMDb

Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim on Wikipedia

AFI’s Top 100 lists

Box Office Mojo Top 200 Adjusted For Inflation

1961 Academy Award winners and nominees

Links to: The Sound Of Music and Titanic

YouTube links: “Tonight“, “America“, “I Feel Pretty” and “Somewhere” and the Ace In The Hole trailer

Next week on the T100P: The Manchurian Candidate

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