Rio Bravo (1959)

Rated R, but for very minimal language issues.

Bev was not as gunned about the topic of our 146th Next 100 Project podcast as most critics (and a lot of film people) seem to be. That’s a slight surprise because she’s loved westerns way more often than not. Howard Hawks’ lackadaisical pace fits the tone of “The Dude Redemption” because some of the best scenes aren’t really about anything. It’s mostly a “hang out” movie. The romance is a flop though, despite the scintillating Angie Dickinson’s very best efforts. We also don’t find the recently trending jerkweed John Wayne as effective in these white-hat hero roles as he is when he’s angling towards darkness. Kudos to Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson for their acting and especially their warbling talents, but Walter Brennan? Yeesh. He provides an opportunity for Ryan to break out yet another impression, but he just provides Bev with much pain. So we recast him! Hear about that and so much more, you cowpokes.

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For The Record: It appears that “Git Along, Little Dogies” (the weird spelling is correct) was first introduced in 1893, which was right around the time when Dmitri Tiomkin was born (so he obviously didn’t write it). Also, they did shoot some of the footage in Arizona, so it wasn’t “all” a Hollywood backlot.


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