Whiplash (2014)

 Rated R for a few father f-ing reasons.


Ten hut, you maggots! Wait, this isn’t a movie about boot camp, although the award-winning performance by J.K. Simmons might make you think it is. It’s not even a sports film, although it certainly does resemble one of those too. Nope, s’a flick about jazz. The Next 165 Project has us wrestling with the “teacher or torturer” dynamic. How much shall we say motivation is too much? Is the fate of the Miles Teller character a terrible ending…or some kind of twisted happy ending? Is he broken or is he content to be this obsessed with being a great jazz drummer? All of that gets explored thoroughly. Damien Chazzelle wrote & directed the best movie of 2014 and his entertaining opus rewards many viewings. Our podcast? Well, you probably should listen to it multiple times too.

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For The Record: Chazzelle’s first film was called Guy And Madeline On A Park Bench. Also, Ryan talked about having great teachers all throughout school, but did have a Fletcher-esque driver’s ed instructor. Mixed feelings about that experience. Also also, Fletcher calls Andrew by his first name during the “good job” scene, not just during the drum solo at the end of the movie. Also also also, the movie we saw long ago was Going The Distance, not Go The Distance.


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