Die Hard (1988)

Die Hard (31:52) This podcast is rated R for language

Die Hard

It’s The Not 100 Project! A non-AFIer gets reviewed and the very first one we’ll cover is Die Hard. You all know it, you probably love it. Pop this one in to “enjoy” some off-key caterwauling, then stick around as we make it extremely clear that McClane is shoeless in this movie. Also, who can spot my screw-up at the 20-minute mark that’s actually an unintentional homage to the originally erroneous credits of another movie we mention during the Die Hard podcast? We’ve even started tossing off some trivia questions! All that and tons (TONS!) more. Yippie ki yay, Mister Falcon!

4 thoughts on “Die Hard (1988)

  1. Influential? Absolutely. But I think this is another case of “influential for better or worse.” How many of the thousands of movies that have borrowed heavily from ‘Die Hard’ are even half as clever and well-written/-executed? Also, I’m one of those few people who can usually do without Bruce Willis, but he is at his best and perfectly cast in this one.

    And do you see what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps?

  2. Oh, and as for trivia question #4, you’ve got to be thinking of ‘Die Hard With a Vengeance,’ Sam Jackson, and Jeremy Irons, but I don’t know who the third actor is. Partial credit?

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