Bring It On (2000)

It’s a clean one! Nothing to offend the ears.

But it’s already been broughten! For Scoring At The Movies’ 28th dose of sports filmy-ness, we—yes—covered a cheerleading movie. Kirsten Dunst & Eliza Dushku are a pretty good team and director Peyton Reed made his movie bright, enthusiastic and fun. The depiction of the sport seems pretty bang-on too and the story has a nice Hoosiers-esque feel as our (mostly) lilly-white underdogs take on black, inner-city kids who are clearly more talented than them. Unfortunately, the flick just isn’t very funny and Jesse Bradford rubbed Chris very wrong in a series of ways. So, yeah, this one just wasn’t our bag. Anyway, we’ve got a good gab here, so engage your cheer hands, Meat Ranchers!

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For The Record: Ryan didn’t recently see She’s All That. It was Can’t Hardly Wait. Also, in I Love You, Man, the beer-drinking game is 3 on 3, not 4 on 4.


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