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For the last time on this website (although the podcast will continue online), hello! The Top 100 Project stars married film fans Ryan & Bev Ellis. Our mission every Monday is was to review the 123 movies on the American Film Institute’s 1998 and 2007 “100 Years, 100 Movies” lists. We are watching watched them & recording recorded podcasts about them chronologically. That’s enough double-striking. You get the point. We started with 1915′s The Birth Of A Nation in March 2013 and ended in December 2015 with 2001′s The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring.

We’ve had to make budget cuts after buying a house last year, plus our data on here is already used up and we’ve removed some content as it is. So if you’re a website person rather than a downloader from typical podcast apps, you’ve only got a few more days to peruse this site. BUT you can always download every single thing we’ve ever done—and will continue to do—from Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, etc. So the podcast isn’t ending, just this website.

Check out the “T100P Podcasts” section for our thoughts & theories about classics such as: Gone With The WindCitizen Kane, Casablanca, It’s A Wonderful Life, A Streetcar Named Desire, VertigoPsychoDr. StrangeloveThe Graduate2001: A Space Odyssey, The GodfatherChinatown, The Godfather Part IIJawsTaxi DriverAnnie HallStar WarsApocalypse NowRaging BullRaiders Of The Lost ArkBlade RunnerGoodfellasSchindler’s ListForrest GumpPulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption, along with 97 others.

Since all those classics have been done for many years, what do we do now? Well, we spent 4 and a half years doing “The Next 100 Project” (or the Next 115 Project, Next 152 Project, etc). These are a random assortment of classics, often with an anniversary in play (whether it be 5 years or 20 years or even 80 years). We did 199 of those, but then that numbering convention got tiresome, so as of the spring of 2020, we call this effort “The Ellises’ Analysis”.

So rip into our many thoughts and theories about old movies. This is effectively a blog, so you can comment on any page at your leisure. We are very open to feedback, including your own thoughts and theories.

136 thoughts on “Our 7th Annual Oscars Preview…podcasted!

  1. Why only those 2 years?. (sorry if I offend any movie nerds with my ignorant and naive questions, I’ve only seen 3 movies in my lifetime and 2 of those times it was Uncle Buck)

  2. Hah! Because the AFI released the first list in 98 and then did a 10 year anniversary list in 2007. Why do a 10 year anniversary after only 9 years? It’s a mystery that keeps us up at night.

  3. You make a good point about documentaries being left out. What documentary titles would you suggest as possible candidates?
    Here’s a couple of mine, since I asked… Harlan County USA, The Times of Harvey Milk.

    1. I don’t know if Capturing The Friedmans belongs on the AFI list, but it’s one of my favourites. Harvey Milk is good, of course. Despite his bullshit and flamboyance, I think something by Michael Moore wouldn’t be a bad choice (either Roger & Me or Bowling For Columbine). I guess the biggest problem with documentaries is that they don’t really influence culture, win major awards, or have great popularity with the public.

  4. Hey Ryan and Bev,
    I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I are really enjoying this podcast! I forget exactly how we found this but since we stumbled on it my commute is far less stress filled when you two are riding along talking movies. You are both so fun to listen to and it makes us happy that you have found eachother, discovered this passion together and taken this ambitious project on. All is right with the world 🙂 You two are a delight to listen to. Both so smart,informative and witty. I would hate to go up against you during a movie trivia night! Thank your for igniting a renewed interest in some of these older films. It has been so long since I have seen many of these so it has been fun to rewatch them with new insight courtesy of you two.

    I just finished listening to “A Streetcar Named Desire”. A very FUN edition- and way to bring it home. Nice pipes! I knew the jist of the story as we had studied it in high school but all that subtext and subtlety was lost on 16 yr old me. (though I too do remember vividly being taken by the set, appreciating the intimacy of it (To the point that it made me want to flee the suburbs and live in a more dense, rich 3 dimensional/neighborly environment. True story.) Same can be said about Stanley in his undershirt. “and this coming from a straight up dude!” here too Ryan. What gives? These were some of the first topics you covered in the podcast. But you then went to on rave about so much more. Way to sell it! Sounds like you loved it and we can’t wait to see it with a more mature and awakened awareness of adult relations and dynamics. It is on deck. We will keep an eye out for the simpsons episode too.

    So how did you two become so enamoured with cinima/movies?

    I have often remarked that lately our lives have a sort of charmed/pleasant Tarrence Malick-y quality to it. No real plot but many moments of bliss strung together with conincidences, themes and uncanny metaphors that would make a great highbrow piece of art if it were captured and thrown up on the silver screen If your life were a movie what would it be called. What genra would it fall into? Who is directing? Who is playing the roles of Ryan and Bev?

    Thank you again. We are really looking forward the hearing you two discuss the later movies now, many of which are found in our own collection! (and for the life of us we can’t locate a chronological AFI list. Do you know where we can find it?)

    Justin and Betty

  5. Wow! Thank you so much 🙂
    Ryan and I certainly feel lucky to have found our match in film-nerdery and young-Marlon-Brando-chest-appreciation.
    I’d say my film appreciation started in high school where I got just enough exposure to quality cinema to know I wanted more. By the time I graduated, I had a reputation amongst my friends as someone who couldn’t be trusted to pick a movie from the video store without coming back with one of my “weird” movies (I dunno, is The Player THAT weird???). So, I took my proclivities to film school. Ryan got turned onto it by a friend he met while in College and took it upon himself to learn more than I got taught in college!

    If I could pick a director to make our life story, right now, it would be Richard Linklater. Not that he’s my favorite, but I think he has a special, unique gift for expressing the experience of a human life that is so much more honest than the typical age-make-up, Oscar-bait bio-pic. Something like what Malik does but lighter and messier. Oh, who am I kidding, it would be Tarantino! And our lives would end in a bloody shoot-out! Michael Madsen could play Ryan, Bo Derek would make her stunning Hollywood come-back to play me.

    If you go to the AFI top 100 on Wikipedia, you can arrange the list by date and it’ll give you a chronological listing of all 123 films
    Now, all you have to do is watch each and every one of the, just like Ryan and me! Just kidding, you can skip Swing Time 😉

    Thanks again for your comment and your very sweet compliments! Now go give us 5 stars on iTunes and TELL YOUR FRIENDS! 🙂

  6. Just wondering you happen to know if there is anywhere to see the 2007 show and/or the other AFI specials? I have a recording of the original 1998 program, but I have never seen the 2007 show.

    Enjoyed the discussion on your Star Wars episode. I saw the film when I was 9, and it sparked an interest in all things to do with film making. I also think there is something to be said for “best” and “favourite”: I agree that Empire is the best of the series, but Star Wars (sorry, I never refer to it as Episode IV) is still my favourite of the group. I also don’t care for the Special Editions, but I don’t begrudge anyone who likes them – I just prefer the original cuts – which are available on the last DVD release that came out before the Blu-rays. I also agree that some fans do get unnecessarily worked up over the revisions. As Hitchcock once said, “It’s only a movie!”

    Anyway, still enjoying the podcast, and looking forward to the next episode.

    1. I read somewhere that the AFI doesn’t sell the DVDs anymore the way they used to. I had a videotape copy that a friend transferred to DVD. That’s how we finally saw it together after many months of talking about doing just that.

      Thanks for your words about the Wars. It ended up being a bit shorter than I expected and I think we missed some key points (which is probably understandable for such an epic saga). I’m pretty sure we’ll cover Empire next year and we can talk about this stuff some more.

  7. Hello! Love the podcast! I stumbled upon it after my girlfriend had me watch Stagecoach for first time. I loved it and then proceeded to watch the rest of the list’s westerns. I really enjoy hearing your discussions on each movie and have now watched around 40, listening to your podcast after each viewing. I had a request for a not top 100 movie. In light of the recent legalization of gay marriage in United States and in Canada in 2005 I think reviewing Brokeback Mountain would be a great choice. I was very struck by the movie when it was first released and also by the words of Ledger and Gylenhall during their interview on Oprah. If I’m not mistaken it was nominated for the AFI list. Anyways, I’m currently watching Mutiny on the Bounty. I wish learning Spanish was as easy as learning Tahitian apparently is! All the best, Daniel

    1. Thank you much for the praise, Daniel! We seem to be getting more email like this lately, from people who’ve stumbled upon us. That’s honestly how I would expect strangers to find and enjoy us. That’s how I discovered a few of my favourite podcasts. Long live stumbling!

      Brokeback was nominated for the 2007 list, correct. It seems that you are going to have your wish granted. I had us pencilled in to cover Blue Velvet after we did Do The Right Thing (an excuse to watch a classic AND cover a movie from the ’80s), but Bev wants to do Brokeback…and your message clinched it. Look for that on August 17th!

      1. Just listened to the episode! Really great discussion, one of my favorites. Thank you so much for the consideration! It truly made my day. I’ve never seen Blue Velvet, but will watch it next. Thank you again!

      2. Why, thank you! Nice to hear. If you’re Goodfellas fan, you should enjoy that one too. I just finished editing it last night. Pretty solid stuff.

  8. Hey Ryan and Bev! I guess this is the proper place to leave feedback. I just wanted to let you guys know how much I LOVE the podcast! I’ve been searching endlessly for a film podcast that I actually enjoyed. There are some that are tolerable, but I wanted something that focuses on classic films and is very knowledgable, but at the same time simple enough for a non-film student like me to follow. Also, I was getting so tired of these pretentious film reviewers who feel the need to bash great classic movies because they don’t personally enjoy them that much. Then, finally, I stumbled upon this podcast (and binged through about six episodes on a long car ride). I love that the discussions are just you two appreciating these great movies. If you make criticisms, they are isolated in a way that it doesn’t feel like you’re disrespecting the greatness of many of these films. Also, the structure of your discussions is very interesting and really holds the listener’s attention.

    I really hope that you two will continue to podcast once you’ve finished the list. I’d really love to hear you guys discuss great films that didn’t make the list, or switch over to discuss great foreign films. I’d love to hear you guys dig into foreign directors like Bergman, Truffaut, Goddard, etc. Either way, you’ve found a dedicated listener in me. Keep doing what you’re doing or my car rides are going to get boring again!

    1. Thanks a bunch, Matt! Glad you found us. As I just said to Daniel in the previous comment, we always figured our audience would come from people looking for classic movie ‘casts and just finding ours. We had at least one competitor last I checked, but they are only doing the 2007 list and they haven’t been as consistent as we have. (Plus, pssst, they’re not as good!) Messages like yours make all the work that goes into this worthwhile. I probably should be upstairs editing Platoon right now, but it’s too nice to be stuck in the “editing room”…better known as our den, so I’ll just continue answering emails instead. 🙂

      I’m pretty certain we’re going to keep going with this podcast even after the name of it is obsolete. We’ve already got theme months in mind once we’re done with the Top 100 in November. February, for example, will likely be Oscar month when we’ll review 4 big-time Oscar winners from the past that didn’t make the list. And, yeah, we definitely intend to do some foreign films and documentaries. Bev hasn’t seen that many Bergman pictures yet. I’ve gotta show her Cries And Whispers soon, so that’s a perfect one to do next year.

      1. Great, well I’m looking forward to hearing more! You guys are great, keep it up!

  9. Hello Ryan and Bev! I have a bit of trivia/info you might find interesting. I don’t know how familiar you are with the James Bond series (I’m a huge fan myself), but The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) was shot by Claude Renoir. Claude was the grandson of the painter Renoir and son of the director Jean Renoir. The movie is shot pretty well, however unfortunately Claude was beginning to lose his eye sight during the shooting. The climax of the movie takes place in an underwater layer/submarine/base and they were having trouble with the lighting. So who did they pay to come give them a hand? Stanley Kubrick! He was process of preparing for The Shining and agreed to do on the condition that he was not credited in any way as he didn’t want to be attached to the film. They discuss this on the new blu ray special features and it was also mentioned on the James Bonding podcast. A great podcast if you are a fan of the series.

    All the best,

    1. Yeah, I read that on the IMDb back when I first bought Spy Who Loved Me on DVD. Fun story, no doubt. As for Renoir’s lineage, yeah, isn’t that interesting? Not just father/son, but grandfather/father/son!

  10. Just discovered your podcasts and enjoying them, thus far, for the most.
    The Rolling Stones have never made any claims re: inventing rock’n’roll, though.
    To the contrary, they give full credit to the black musicians who influenced them, and have for decades.

    1. Thanks, Tony! Refresh our memories, though, of when we said the Stones claimed to invent rock ‘n’ roll. Was it in the BTTF podcast or Forrest Gump or somewhere else?

      1. It was the BTTF one aired two days before I commented.
        I thought my STM was fading with age, so thanks for making me feel better. 😉

  11. I watched Back to the Future for the first time last week as an adult. It still holds up. It was the first time I noticed that Loraine may be undressing in the window on purpose. This is the only reason I can think of for another damn kid to be jumping in front of his car. Loraine had a great spirit before original George crushed it.

    Congratulations on creating a great podcast. I’m looking forward to next week’s episode. It’s one of my favorite movies.

  12. Thanks a bunch, Kevin (little preview of Fargo for you there). I like your take on Lorraine’s deliberate exhibitionism. I’d never heard that before. It wasn’t just Marty she was waiting to be put in her room with his pants on her hope chest. It was any unconscious boy!

  13. This is my new favourite podcast- I’m so glad I found it. And found guys who are as nerdy as me about old films 😄. Keep up the great work- I am telling all my friends about you.

  14. First of all, congratulations on making through the AFI lists. Its a great podcast and I thank you for working so hard on it. Second of all, I don’t know if you have seen Hateful Eight yet, but I was wondering how you guys think it measures up to Reservoir Dogs because they’re so similar. I was just curious what you thought because you are my go to movie experts.

    1. Why thank you! We haven’t seen QT’s bloody Western opus yet, but we intend to catch it in 70 mill sometime in mid-January. We love the guy, so even if this movie isn’t one of his top-shelf greats, it’s likely worth our money. As for Dogs, funny you bring that up. I (Ryan) just bought that on Blu-ray. I know the movie by heart, but it was super-cheap on Amazon and seemed to be worthy of the highest-quality presentation. Kinda like Hateful Eight in 70 mill will be! 🙂 Keep listening because we aren’t going away. We’ve already recorded our first 2 podcasts for the Next 100 Project.

      1. Have fun with Resevoir. I’d definitely watch it before you go see Hateful. Are you taking suggestions for the foreign reviews you mentioned in your wrap-up?

      2. We haven’t decided on the foreign film(s) we might do, so I guess we’re open to good suggestions. We’re not even going to get to one of those until March or April though.

  15. Hey guys! Still loving the podcast and you’ve had some amazing choices for the Next 100 project and even some cool new discoveries for me!
    I just rewatched “Children of Men” after 10 years, and it just blew me away even more than the first time I saw it. It’s harrowing, innovative, and terrifyingly prescient! I know Ryan has mentioned this film on one of the shows, and that would be a film I’d love to hear you guys cover somewhere down the road and hope you might consider!

    1. Thanks, Mister F. As it turns out, we ARE considering doing Children Of Men at the end of the year. It’s having its 10-year anniversary and it’s a tremendous flick, so there’s a good chance we’ll cover it in November or December. Stay tuned!

  16. I came across your podcasts a few weeks ago and I was hooked. Couldn’t get enough. I’ve jumped around and listened to a bunch of episodes. My only complaint was that Ryan seems to have had too much Sparkplug coffee. So much so that I miss some things being said. Not a serious problem though. Still plenty to enjoy. But then today….I listened to The Sting. What is up with the language? I haven’t finished it yet, but F-bomb after F-bomb and at least one c—sucker?? It’s a shame because you otherwise have so much to offer young movie watchers. Especially about the classics that I want today’s kids to be aware of.

    1. Thanks for being hooked on our podcast. Ryan never drinks coffee (shhh, don’t tell the sponsor). I drink my share of cola, but never the coff. I just talk 900 miles an hour…and I think even faster. I have made a point of slowing down for the podcast, compared to normal life.

      As for the swearing, that’s also just how we talk, my man. We’ve got potty mouths. We had a rule when we did the AFI movies that we wouldn’t swear if they didn’t swear, but once we completed the 123 of them, we decided to just let ‘er fly if we felt like being R-rated. I really don’t think we swore in that podcast or any others nearly as often as you think, but if it offends you, you can always stick with the G-rated ones (and there’s plenty of those, including yesterday’s Seven Samurai podcast).

      Thanks for the criticism though. We’re glad you’re (mostly) enjoying our work and the last thing we want is sycophantic drooling over it.

      1. I’m sorry you feel that way. Maybe you’ll feel differently when, and if, you have children.

  17. Hey R&B! For 2016, I decided I would watch the entire AFI Top 100 list (2007 edition, chronological order). As I began my journey, I stumbled upon your podcast and have been hooked ever since! I only listen to your podcasts once I’ve watched the film, with the latest being “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?”; so please forgive me if my following questions have been answered on a later podcast…

    1) Have you heard if there will be an updated AFI list in 2017? If not, do you view a different list as becoming the new “standard,” such as the Sight & Sound Top 100?

    2) What are your thoughts on the BBC’s 21st Century top 100 list? Might this influence what you watch for the Next 100 Project?

    Thank you for all of the effort you put into these podcasts, and for sharing your passion with fellow film nerds!

    1. Hey there, Andrew. Thanks for your listenership! How are you liking the movies so far? If you’re up to 1966, you’ve got quite a ways to go…and some of the greatest titles ever are still in your future.

      We speculate about a 3rd Top 100 List all the time, but I have never heard that the AFI will do one. By their logic, that would have happened this year (1998, 2007, 2016). They haven’t even posted an online-only list in a long time, which seems easy to do. I guess there wasn’t enough interest or it cost too much. You’d think they would keep putting together lists though because it gets people talking (for good or for bad) and helps promote the AFI, which wants to make money like any other company.

      If they DID do a new list, would we view it as a new standard? Well, I don’t think the 2nd list was a new standard, so, no, a 3rd one wouldn’t usurp the others. The thing we did with the T100P makes the most sense to me. If you’re going to include 23 new titles, then the AFI is honouring 123 classics, not just forgetting about 23 of the previous 100. If they honoured a different, say, 15 flicks, then I’d say 138 “great” movies is their new standard.

      We will comment on the BBC’s Top 100 in a podcast soon. One of the one’s they loved was already in our sightlines in October, so now we’re even more sure we’re going to cover it. And in doing so, the BBC’s 100 will surely get mentioned plenty.

      Enjoy the ’70s, my man. You’ve got incredible viewing ahead!


  18. “Election”!! Great choice and film! That’s my Hillary film this year too. And for another eerie US 2016 election film, check out 1957’s “A Face in the Crowd”, with Andy Griffith as a terrifyingly accurate proto-Trump demagogue. Also a great film!

  19. Hey guys! I’d love if you guys did an episode about the most iconic, fashionable, witty teen film of all time, Clueless (unless of course you hate it in which case please ignore this post). Thanks, love the show.

    1. We’ll file that suggestion away in the maybe bin. Not sure about it being the wittiest teen film of all time, but even a fashion-less fellow like myself can’t deny it hits a homer with the clothes. 🙂

  20. Recently discovered your podcast and enjoy it a lot….don’t always agree with your opinions, 😜but I am a big fan nevertheless!

  21. Hi guys —

    Your DOUBLE INDEMNITY podcast was the free nickel bag that wound up getting me hooked, and I can’t wait to smoke up some more!

    One quick correction, though: I am pretty sure the (brilliant) final scene between Neff and Keyes by the elevator was filmed AFTER Wilder decided to junk the gas chamber scene, which definitely makes sense. It has the perfect touch of wit, melancholy and closure about it. In fact it’s one of the best endings in movie history, IMO.

    Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Thanks for your addiction, David. 🙂 I think we’ll find time to address what you said in our August 7th Worst Movies podcast (and where we open up the mailbag), so stay tuned for that.

  22. Found your podcast after I had already started my own top 100 project (sans blog, podcast, etc.). My goal was to elevate my movie knowledge. I couldn’t finish “Birth” or “Intolerance” but fell in love with the silents, which I had never seen, and was off and running. My pace has been about 2 a week, skipping films I have already seen, and looks like I am on schedule to finish in a few weeks. I am a natural researcher and so each movie raises my curiosity concerning everything about it. Early on Ebert and Wikipedia were my go to and I searched and searched for podcasts on old movies but found many of them wanting. I found you guys once I had finished the 40’s and binge listened to the back episodes. Since then, I have looked forward to hearing your thoughts as I finish each movie. Ryan likes everything worth liking- he is like the play by play guy- but Bev really adds the color with her opinions which I delight in. We are roughly the same age and Bev gave me the best explanation of why many girls (my wife included) just do not love “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones.” I forgive them now. It has also been heartening after I watch a movie like “The Searchers” and think this is awful, what am I missing and then your podcast confirms that yes, it has not aged well. Anyhow, I feel as though ya’ll have become my friends over these past several weeks (and yes I have friends in real life) and so I thank you for the passion you bring to these films and your ability to make a great film even better. Keep up the good work.

    Final thought, I am thinking about doing the Sight and Sound list next, which I know ya’ll have referenced. Any thoughts on covering some of those movies? Or are you concerned (probably fairly) that it would not be as appealing to a broad listernership? Maybe you could do a single podcast covering all the Japanese films? Then one covering the Italians, etc. Just a thought. I’ll listen to whatever ya’ll watch.

    1. Thanks for the excellent feedback, Teddy. Much appreciated…from both of us. We’re going to address your email in our Worst Movies podcast that’ll go up on August 7th, so I’ll save further thoughts until then. Keep enjoying!

  23. Just listened to your podcast about movies you hate. Thank god, I thought I was the only person on the planet who HATED love actually…

    1. Sorry we didn’t reply to this comment until now! Yeah, Bev can always be counted on to do her inaccurate but hilarious impression of that kid who’s “not sad that mum died”. I’m not as anti-Love Actually as she is, but I sure wouldn’t defend it. Very overrated.

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  25. I’d love to hear your guys’ take on Grand Hotel (1932). I was totally surprised and delighted by this film’s intriguing cast of characters, the actors’ performances, and the relatively avant-garde ending. Thanks!

    1. Bev hasn’t seen Grand Hotel. I’ve seen it probably 3 times, but not for many years. It’s pretty solid, especially for a movie of that era. Great cast of huge stars, although they don’t all interact, so it’s a little deceptive to market it as something like Ocean’s Eleven where big stars DO spend a lot of time together on-screen. I’ve always loved the line “they come, they go, nothing much happens” because of how inaccurate it is (and, of course, the filmmakers know that). When I started writing a screenplay years ago, I quoted that line directly.

  26. im so excited for this month’s lineup, although my last watch of The Birds definitely left me a little underwhelmed. And please do Hereditary sometime in the future!! Love the show longtime fan

    1. Sorry for the delayed response to this message, although we DO address you without mentioning you name in The VVitch episode. Hope you enjoyed hearing about The Birds and our struggles with truly getting behind it. Hereditary is definitely on our radar one day. Fascinating picture!

  27. The VVitch podcast was fantastic! Tons of cool insight and funny Black Phillip impressions. Rosemary’s Baby up next and I’m super pumped, its been awhile since i’ve seen it but such an powerfuk classic. Although I wouldn’t put Mia Farrow’s Rosemary in league with the other heroins this month. I also appreciate the shout out about Hereditary and have told my significant other to leave a nice review along with any other cinefiles in my family
    P.S only forty more movies to go on my Top100 list, almost done!!

    1. Thanks, Forest! I have been working on my goat voice for nigh onto 22 years…and it finally paid off. You might not love our Rosemary’s Baby thoughts though. It’s a mixed bag for us. Forty more movies, huh? You’ve still got a wealth of great stuff to explore then. Ennnnnjoy.

      1. any update on getting the podcast on other apps like stitcher? can’t use itunes to listen

      2. I’m working on getting us on Stitcher, but we now SHOULD be on Spotify, if that’s an option for you. I think you could also download our eps directly from the Libsyn website (our provider). I also linked us to YouTube.

  28. Hey there! I have been listening to the top 100 project for about 3 years now and am a huge fan. It is one of the shows that inspired myself and a couple friends to start our own podcast, Pop-O-Holics. We try to loosely theme each month and are planning to do a month centered around strong female leads in April, kicking off with Alien which I know you’ve covered in the past. We would love to have more female guests and viewpoints on the show and wanted to ask if Bev would have any interest in coming on for the Alien episode? Everything is done through Skype. Feel free to check out our show on all the major platforms. I hope this message finds you well and keep up the great work!

  29. I’ve been listening to your podcast for approximately four years now. I really enjoy the content and range of movies that you cover. Moving forward, do not trash the movie two minutes in to your podcast as it does not make me want to listen to the rest of the episode.

  30. Really enjoy your podcast. Generally, your episodes are very even keeled and well done. However, just listened to Patton and was disappointed how little research was done to prepare. The number of errors in the episode, to include the reference to how he died, took away from the show. Keep up the great job but please do the work to prepare!

    1. Okay, thanks for the feedback, but you ARE talking about a movie that we reviewed nearly 6 years ago. I think we’re doing a better job in every way (especially in our prep and research) than we did during most of the reviews of the AFI movies.

  31. May I simply say what a relief to uncover someone who actually knows what they’re talking about on the web. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to check this out and understand this side of the story. It’s surprising you aren’t more popular since you definitely have the gift.

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