R.R. Episode 1 (8/14/14)

Topics: the suicide of Robin Williams, the pain in The Invisible War, fun flicks, “Fuck That Movie!” and the rollercoaster Toronto Blue Jays…and more! Dirty language and possibly offensive material within.

RR Episode 1_1 (23:10)

Robin At The Met

Invisible War


Philip Seymour Hoffman on IMDb

Lauren Bacall on IMDb

Guardians Of The Galaxy on IMDb

The Lego Movie on IMDb

22 Jump Street on IMDb

Boyhood on IMDb

First Blood on IMDb

My review of How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Michelle Pfeiffer being a badass cat in Batman Returns

Toronto Blue Jays home page

2 thoughts on “R.R. Episode 1 (8/14/14)

  1. I recently watched a doc about abuse in the Catholic church. Frontline maybe? There was a clip from a woman recounting her horrid experience at a very young age at the hands of a priest. She was left alone on the alter with blood on her new white first communion dress.. Heartbreaking, anger inducing and yeah… stays with you forever.

    Sorry that Jays game lacked meaning.

    This is my favorite Ryan Rambles episode! More please. -j

    1. It’s pretty hard to be madder than when a person with power (especially a religious asshole) abuses that power.

      The Jays! So long ago. That podcast certainly didn’t age well.

      Yeah, I should record more of these, I suppose. Haven’t had that much to rant about lately. I’ll think of something…

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