Question Mark

Seven Die Hard trivia questions await! There are also 6 trivias for The Wizard Of Oz.  There are only 3 for Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, but we’re back up to 7 for Gone With The Wind! And now here are 4 more for The Grapes Of Wrath! Plus 2 for Fantasia! And now 1 measly question for The Philadelphia Story! Plus 2 for The Maltese Falcon! And 4 for Night Of The Living Dead! And 2 for Sullivan’s Travels! And 2 for Casablanca! And 4 for Double Indemnity! Also 1 for The Best Years Of Our Lives! Plus 4 for It’s A Wonderful Life! And 2 for The Third Man! And 3 for When Harry Met Sally! And these 3 for Sunset Boulevard! And 2 for All About Eve! And 2 for A Place In The Sun! And a trio for A Streetcar Named Desire! And a duo for An American In Paris! And how about another 4 for Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind! And here’s 2 for The African Queen! And 4 for Singin’ In The Rain! And 3 for High Noon! And 2 for Shane! And 3 for Rear Window! And 2 for Rebel Without A Cause! And 3 for The Searchers! And 3 for Giant! And 2 for 12 Angry Men! And a trio for The Bridge On The River Kwai! Plus a deuce for Vertigo! And another twosome for Some Like It Hot! And a 3-set for North By Northwest! Plus 2 for Ben-Hur! And a trio for The Apartment! And a threepack for Psycho! And a duo for Planet Of The Apes! And a duet for Spartacus! And a two-set for West Side Story! Plus a deuce for Manchurian Candidate! And a trio for Lawrence Of Arabia! And a two-set for To Kill A Mockingbird! Now here’s a threepack for Dr. Strangelove! Plus a duo for My Fair Lady! And now a triple threat for The Sound Of Music! And a deuce for Dog Day Afternoon! Plus a twosome for Doctor Zhivago! And this is a two-pack for Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf! And now 3 for In The Heat Of The Night! Plus 3 brain-ticklers for Bonnie And Clyde! And a duo for Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner! And 2 for The Graduate! And now you can find 3 for The Shining! Add a trio for 2001: A Space Odyssey! And 2 for Midnight Cowboy! And a duo for The Wild Bunch! And 2 for Easy Rider! And a trio for Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid! And 3 for MASH! And a two-set for Patton! Here’s 3 for The Last Picture Show! And now 4 (yes, four!) for The French Connection! Here’s a deuce for A Clockwork Orange! And a trio for The Godfather! And 5 for Groundhog Day! And 2 for American Graffiti! And a threesome for The Godfather Part II! And a two-pack for Nashville! Plus 4 for Jaws! And 4 for One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest! And a deuce for Taxi Driver! And 2 for All The President’s Men! And here’s a trio for Network! And 2 for Rocky! Plus 3 for Clerks! And 4 for Annie Hall! And a couple for Star Wars! And a trio for The Deer Hunter! And a foursome for Apocalypse Now! And a couple for Raging Bull! And 2 for Raiders Of The Lost Ark! And a trio for E.T.! And a couple for Blade Runner! And a deuce for Tootsie! And a pair for Sophie’s Choice! And 2 for Amadeus! And a hat-trick for Platoon! Here’s 4 for Do The Right Thing! And a triplet for Brokeback Mountain! And a big ol’ five-pack for Goodfellas! And a big foursome for The Silence Of The Lambs! And a trio for Unforgiven! And a deuce for Schindler’s List! And a trio for Forrest Gump! And a duo for Back To The Future! And here’s a threeple for Pulp Fiction! And a trifecta for The Shawshank Redemption! And a threesome for Toy Story! And a big ol’ foursome for Fargo! And a triple for Titanic! And a fourpack for Saving Private Ryan! And a hattrick for The Sixth Sense! And a pair for the final AFI movie, The Lord Of The Rings!

5 thoughts on “TRIVIAL MATTERS

  1. Thanks! PF is one of my absolute favourites. And it’s funny, for me a little bit of Willis and Travolta usually goes a long way, but they were both great in it. Such cool roles for both of them, too.

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