White Men Can’t Jump (1992)

 Rated R. If the movie is going to be this bawdy, so shall we.

For episode #8 of Scoring At The Movies, we nail our first jump shots in a basketball movie, which remains one of the funniest sports flicks of ’em all. Chris has issues with one of the 2 leads (not the charismatic fellow’s performance, just the character’s selfishness) and has plenty of justification for that bad feeling. Still, Wesley & Woody have chemistry out every cool (and nerdy) pore, while Rosie Perez just about walks off with the whole movie. And hey…Jeopardy! Everything is made better with liberal doses of Jeopardy. Stay in the zone, man, and, as always, listen to the woman (and also to our podcast).

For The Record: Stanley Kubrick didn’t have easy access to The Simpsons because he lived in England from the ’60s until his death in 1999. Also, Billy Butler’s $11-million-per-year contract with Oakland expired at the end of 2017…and he’s now 32 years old.


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