Tin Cup (1996)

 Rated R for a mite bit of foul wordplay.

The 2nd installment of “Scoring At The Movies” finds Chris & Ryan knocking it onto the green…after a monumental number of bad stroke). It’s the Costner/Russo (and, really, the Costner/Cheech) lovefest…with golf! Chris is a student of the links, so he’s got you covered with credible details and history about the Game Of Checkered Pants, but we’ve got a lot more than just minutia about 3 woods and shanks. Wanna bet? If you don’t, then apparently you can’t be a golfer.

For The Record: Tin Cup’s Rotten Tomatoes tallies are only slightly better than the reviews for Happy Gilmore (which actually has a 15% higher rating from RT audiences). Also, John Daly turned pro in 1987.


1996 U.S. Box Office

YouTube links: Roy’s riddle and “Grip it and rip it” and Tin Cup and his lonely 7 iron and Simms outsmarts Roy and Roy’s immortal 12 on the 18th hole and “This Could Take All Night” music video

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