The Sandlot (1993)

Rated PG. Pretty clean apart from a talk about dog testicles

Get nostalgic about a movie that’s all about nostalgia in the 42nd Scoring At The Movies back-and-forth. The Sandlot takes us back to our own baseballing youth, especially as we both can relate—in some ways, at least—to Scotty Smalls. Those aspects are what make us and many other people feel like this movie is better than it probably really is. The creepy Squints/Wendy angle though? Yipes. Not so good. But this is a movie about tall tales, so maybe we can pretend what Squints does is just a big exaggeration? Can we? Sigh. Well, our conversation about the “Endless Practice” movie is not a tall tale at all, so sit down and let James Earl Jones regale you with baseball stories as long as you love his dog. It’s a win win!

Pedantry Alert: This movie doesn’t actually seem to be based on a book, as Chris implies. Also, David Mickey Evans is working on a prequel to this movie, not another sequel. Also also, Stan Musial was still playing when this movie was set and Ted Williams had retired just a few years before.

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