The Mighty Ducks (1992)

 Rated R for a spot of Fs and Ss etc.

The Top 100 Project branches off yet again as we bring you our debut episode of “Scoring At The Movies”. Ryan will sit down with good friend Chris Di Gregorio bi-weekly to jabber about movies of the sporting kind. We kick it off with the kids flick that spawned an NHL hockey team. And we’ve got questions. Is Hans actually Gordon’s “ghost dad”? What is Coach Reilly’s real job (and is it plastic surgery)? Did Gordon learn anything about integrity when he pulled his “redistricting” move to steal Adam Banks? Is Fulton on the juice? And what if Batman funded and coached the Ducks? Those queries and so many more will be answered in our chat about high-stakes peewee hockey.

For The Record: The short kid in leather is named Peter (he’s played by J.D. Daniels). Also, it is a Hawks player who coins the nickname “Oreo Line“. Also also, the Cardinals were actually in 2nd place going into the playoffs. Oh, and the Panthers are the team that got the measles and forfeited the season.


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YouTube links: limo on the ice and the ghost dad and every sports movie needs a montage! and Fulton breaks things and Gordon quacks at his boss and the highly illegal “Flying V” and Charlie wins ’em the trophy