The Longest Yard (1974)

 Rated R, you mean machiners.

longest yard 3, the

As the Super Bowl approaches, it’s the right time for a gab about one of the most-famous football flicks of ’em all. This 17th edition of Scoring At The Movies shows much love for Burt Reynolds, who was just starting a run of dominance at the box office…and in fan’s cockles. We talked a lot about the Adam Sandler almost-good remake and also about how Burt’s original version just isn’t very funny. Robert Aldrich’s flick has some real tonal problems. It deals with some serious issues like racism and prison brutality, then doles out some dated and often offensive “jokes”. This bag is mixed. But as Mo from The Simpsons might say, it’s not without its charm. Get to listenin’!

For The Record: The final score in the big game is 36-35.


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