The Karate Kid (1984)

 We couldn’t avoid swearing, so this ‘un is rated R.

Crane-kick the 3rd “Scoring At The Movies” ep right in the schnoz as Ryan & Chris wax (on) fairly eloquently about this childhood fave. Mr. Miyagi is the most relatable character here, although Pat Morita and Ralph Macchio were both typecast in their famous roles. But questions abound. Is this really just a soccer movie disguised as a karate movie? Why so little backstory for a film that’s more than 2 hours long? Does Ali pose a bigger threat to Johnny than Daniel does? And is Daniel-san really the bad guy? There’s only one way you’re gonna find out, so start finding!

For The Record: Macchio will be 57 later this year and Morita was a few days shy of 52 when The Karate Kid came out. Soak that in for a while.


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