The Fast And The Furious (2001)

Rated PG for some very mild wordplay.

Scoring At The Movies ep #45 gabs about a less-than-great movie, but at least we had a fun time picking it apart. This “Point Break In Flashy Cars” bromance is often obnoxious and it would be charitable to say it’s well-acted. The cars are cool, the actors are beautiful and it’s hard to deny how popular these never-ending F&F blockbusters are though. We got into a lot of themes in this one: family (it’s always family with these guys), the unfinished love story between Vin Diesel & Paul Walker (which would intensify in the many, many sequels), Ryan’s ideal last meal (!) and Fred (!!) Toretto. So work on your bad Vin Diesel impression, grab someone else’s Corona, fire up your NOS and enjoy the hell out of this podcast.

Pedantry Alert: Breaking Bad started its run in 2008, so it was 7 years after this movie, not 10. Also, Ted Levine only did the voiceover for the villain in Joy Ride, but didn’t actually play the dude in the flesh.

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