The Color Of Money (1986)

It’s R-rated, all you Werewolves Of London.

The 5th Scoring At The Movies podcast covers Ryan’s second-favourite “sport”…and that’s watching Tom Cruise be goofy. Okay, the intense superstar playing it silly is fun, but really the love is of pool. This solid sequel to The Hustler has Paul Newman reprising his classic role of Eddie Felson, now a liquor salesman who takes the flaky but wickedly talented Cruise on the road to learn and earn. But what are Eddie’s true motivations for taking Vincent under his wing? Is Eddie doing as well in life as he portrays or is it a sham? And does it even matter which of the two leads is the better pool player? Make your aggressive break on the snap…but then hear what we have to say about Marty Scorsese’s pool opus.


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YouTube links: Eddie gets familiar with Carmen and Vincent showboats with the Werewolves Of London and Eddie gets hustled and Eddie trains for his return to big-time pool and “I’m back”