Space Jam (1996)

Rated R because all podcasts about children’s movies should contain language that can make them cry.

Space Jam 2

The 26th heaping helping of Scoring At The Movies drags Michael Jordan and us into the world of cartoon lunacy. Bugs, Daffy, the Monstars and the rest of the Tune Squad do their wisenheimer thing, but the flick never really clicks. Maybe it’s the lack of good jokes, the tonal shifts and attempts to satisfy too many masters? We get into MJ’s Fred Flintstone-esque gambling proclivities, we discuss who’s the greatest b-baller of all time and we get real about how Bugs Bully (not a typo) is a bit of a jerk. Oh, and as b-ball fans know by now, the Toronto Raptors did make it to the 2019 NBA Finals against the dynastic Golden State Warriors…and that series starts tonight!

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For The Record: Jordan was picked 3rd overall in the 1984 NBA draft, not 2nd. Hakeem Olajuwon was 1st and Sam Bowie went 2nd.


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