Slap Shot (1977)

Rated R, but the rough verbiage is pretty infrequent.

The 35th drop in the Scoring At The Movies bucket slugs its way into a hockey comedy that stars Paul Newman. Curiously, one of the greatest movie stars is overshadowed by 3 of his fight-lovin’ co-stars. And maybe that’s fair. They’re dumb, but he’s their coach and he’s maybe even dumber than they are. Everybody seems to love the Hanson Brothers and their antics probably were funny back in the ’70s. However, their behaviour and many of the insults shouted by a lot of the guys haven’t aged all that well. So what we’ve got is another sporadically funny cult favourite from the ’70s in The Longest Yard mode. Rats, was hoping for better. Anyway, drop the gloves (because there are more fisticuffs in this than in a boxing movie) and find out what we thought about this opus about the Charlestown Chiefs.

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Pedantry Alert: Michael Ontkean was not the sheriff in Blue Velvet, of course, but in the TV show Twin Peaks. Also, there is a Peterboro in New York and a Peterborough in New Hampshire, but they’re about the same distance from Pennsylvania as the city in Ontario is, so that just strengthens our point that you don’t need to drive anywhere near 15 hours for road games in the Federal League.


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