Semi-Pro (2008)

Rated R, you jive turkeys.

Alley oop your way into the 19th edition of Scoring At The Movies. This was Will Ferrell’s last sports flick after a whole run of them throughout the middle of the 2000s. While neither critics nor audiences appreciated it, we had a good time with this lunacy. Ferrell is just a funny fellow. That’s not to say the movie doesn’t have a lot of fouls against it. Chris highlights (lowlights?) a bunch of those, but Ryan is more forgiving of the flaws. So put on your ’70s duds, stabilize your spine and spend 46 minutes hearing us jam about a goofy b-ball comedy.


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Info about the alley oop

Ryan’s response to “Jackie’s teammates are doing just an awful job of stabilizing his spine”

Links to: Hoosiers and White Men Can’t Jump and Elf and Anchorman and Dodgeball and Talladega Nights

YouTube links: “Jive Turkey?” and Jackie wrestles a bear and the guys use eyeliner and the alley oop and Jackie’s teammates disregard his spine and Jackie’s ridiculous free throws

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