Rudy (1993)

Rated R for a handful of naughty outbursts.

Whatever you’ve most wanted in your life can’t compare to how badly Daniel Ruettiger wanted to play football for the Fighting Irish. And he did. The end. Okay, it’s not and you might get sick of hearing him talk about it ALL THE TIME. Scoring At The Movies #43 delves into Rudy’s obsession and we certainly got on him for all the time he spends whining. We debate whether this is a movie for dads or a movie for kids. There’s talk of the slow clap (good God) and the absurdity of the “Rudy, Rudy” chant (gooder God). So if you love this flick, you won’t love us for the next 50 minutes, but listen anyway. After all, we’re entitled white men who tell people they want something they don’t even deserve. We are Rudy!

Pedantry Alert: Sean Astin was 21 during shooting, so he was indeed the right age to play this character. Also, Notre Dame was in a bowl game in 1975 and 1976…and they’ve won 11 National Championships.

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