Rocky IV (1985)

 Rated R. It’s a bad habit, like smoking or reprogramming robots to serve your slovenly ways.

Scoring At The Movies wraps up 2018 by socking you in the bloody kisser with our first boxing picture. Rocky IV might be the dumbest flick in the entire franchise, but it’s also an adrenaline-pumping 90 minutes of jingoistic euphoria. And those songs! Pure 80’s joy. We discuss all the movies in the Balboa series fairly equally here. Controversial stances abound! Does Apollo have a lust for fame that turns into a death wish? Why is Paulie still around to wreck everything? Just how did these actors get those bodies? And “Hearts On Fire” > “Eye Of The Tiger”! All that and so much more awaits yous in episode #15.

For The Record: Chris is a bit off about the actors’ heights. Carl Weathers is 6’1 while Dolph Lundgren is 6’5. Also, Lundgren’s fighting background is that he won some karate championships in Europe & Australia in the early ’80s. Also also, Hugh Jackman (born in ’68) is quite a bit older than Ryan (born in ’74).


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