Ready To Rumble (2000)

 Rated R, as is our way.

Wrestle-heads, lend your jacked-up ears to the 18th installment of Scoring At The Movies. Ready To Rumble is, in short, the worst movie we’ve reviewed yet, so we branched off into all kinds of other angles on rasslin’ just to find something worth discussing. We talked about wrestlers in movies, DDP Yoga, the Montreal Screwjob, gay panic, “fake” vs. “scripted”, the triple cage concept, Macho Man, Mick Foley and much more. As for R To R, David Arquette & Scott Caan are obsessed with the now-defunct WCW and they get to rub baby-oiled elbows with DDP, Goldberg, Sting and Oliver Platt as Jimmy The King. If only any of it was funny. Also, sorry about the eardrum-bursting Randy Savage impressions. Dig it!


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