Pumping Iron (1977)

Rated R for 3 or 4 cases of strong language.

The beefy, glistening (and sometimes cheesy) Pumping Iron might be the most unintentionally homoerotic movie ever made, but it helped make Ah-nuld the star he’s been for over 4 decades. Just as the movie does, Scoring At The Movies #32 focuses on the rivalry betwix the Schwarz and his psyche-out victim Lou Ferrigno, a lot of which was ginned up for this documentarydrama. The then-reigning Mister Olympia is fond of telling tall tales, but the man clearly always had charisma (our word of the day) coming out every sculpted muscle. We rekindle the steroids discussion we’ve had in prior episodes (how could that not come up in a movie about body-building?) and we even did our own posedown. Wait, that’s not true. With fabrications like that, maybe we could have been characters in this movie…

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For The Record: The basketball team in Glory Road isn’t all black. It’s just that their starting five in the NCAA Final were, at a time when that just didn’t happen.


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