Point Break (1991)

Rated R, everyone and every all.

Bruh, it’s hard to find a more entertaining choice to be the 44th episode of Scoring At The Movies. We all know that Point Break is a remarkably silly “sports” flick, but do we all know that Johnny Utah can do ANYTHING? He’s conveniently brainy almost as much as he’s conveniently dumb (and he has a knee that gets wonky at the worst times), but everything he tries, he aces. Law school, football, shooting guns, federal agenting, surfing (sort of), skydiving, putting handcuffs on a guy while being drowned. Keanu Reeves can do it all! He’s even good at falling in love with—Patrick Swayze and to a lesser extent—Lori Petty. So put on your rubber mask and prepare to infiltrate the ranks of a bunch of hypocritically chill/thieving surfers and also…get me two.

Pedantry Alert: The drugs displayed in the Warchild house are actually 2 kilos of crystal meth, not heroin or cocaine.

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