Murderball (2005)

Rated R for fairly light swearing.

Scoring At The Movies’ 27th ep sees us gabbing about our first documentary as jocks in wheelchairs play quad(riplegic) rugby. It’s one of Ryan’s favourite docs, but Chris had mixed feelings and was troubled by the politically (very) incorrect choice of words used by these alpha males. These guys are real people with some serious character flaws though and those flaws only make them more interesting. It’s a big bonus that the ongoing USA v Canada drama is as exciting as you’ll find in any fictional sports flick. Bitter rivals Joe Soares and charisma machine Mark Zupan get the majority of screen time, but all of the half-dozen main characters are fascinating to watch. Scrum it up!

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For The Record: Hoop Dreams isn’t “over” 3 hours. It’s 2 hours and 50 minutes. Pedantry!


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