Mr. Baseball (1992)

Rated R-san.

Spring training is in full *ahem* swing, so the 20th installment of Scoring At The Movies slugs onto the baseball diamond. Tom Selleck brings his hirsute charm to this fairly authentic baseball comedy, although Chris thinks Magnum P.I. isn’t Magnum P.I.’ing it enough. We definitely agreed that, once again, the sports comedy in question just isn’t very funny. We talked about Japanese culture, the surprising lack of product placement and Selleck’s character’s stubborn refusal to assimilate. We got into his stormy relationship with his manager & with Hiroko and, dumbly, we forgot to talk about the fact that the manager, “Chief” Uchiyama, is her father. We certainly hashed out the “bad baseball” going on in the big game. So bunt a few shuutos and hear us nitpick “Jack In Japan”.

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For The Record: Ken Takakura is nearly 5’11. While that’s fairly short to a 6’4 guy like Chris, it’s debatable to call him “short”. Also, there’s a famous writer named W.E.B. Du Bois, so while Dennis Haysbert doesn’t look or sound like a guy with French or Creole roots, it’s not that unusual for a black man to have that last name. Also also, Jack knocks over the pitcher on the bunt play in the last game, not the first baseman.


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