Miracle (2004)

Rated R, but only for a few instances of directly quoting ‘erb Brooks’ swearing.

Our 40th Scoring At The Movies podcast takes you back to the 1980 Winter Olympics as we gab about one of the greatest upsets of all time in one of the best pure sports films we’ve covered yet. We dug into the world-shaping issues of the late-’70s, problems that went way beyond USA v USSR on a hockey rink. Both of us also watched the actual “miracle” game, so we were able to spend plenty of time comparing what’s portrayed to what really happened. The hockey action is vividly done by director Gavin O’Connor and the acting (led by Kurt Russell as Herb Brooks) is as good as it needs to be. After all, most of the players were athletes more than they were actors. So jump on the bandwagon, but play like a bunch o’ commies (we’ve got a take on that) and hear us tongue-wag about Miracle…again…again…again…

Pedantry Alert: Mario Lambert was Montreal’s coach and Ronald Corey was the team’s president when Patrick Roy said he’d just played his last game for the Canadiens. Also, plenty of other Soviets from this dominant USSR team other than Vladislav Tretiak are in the Hockey Hall Of Fame. Also also, just to be clear, Wayne Gretzky was an executive for Canada’s ’02 Olympic team, not a player. Also also also, Mark Johnson scored 2 goals in the miracle game, not a hat-trick (Buzz Schneider and Mike Eruzione scored the other two).

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