Lionheart (1991)

Rated R for a few toss-outs of bleepable words.

How disappointing. It’s Halloween today and this movie was supposed to be frightening(ly bad), but it’s actually…pretty (bloody) good. That doesn’t mean “Lyon’eart” isn’t without a great many flaws. We touched on plenty of those with vim and also vigour. Jean-Claude Van Damme does okay work in the leading role and the AWOL’er is suitably handsome & chiseled. But JCVD is also the blonde-babe-avoider, the prude who would rather kick people and stalk his family than relax and make out with JR’s secretary. We have a theory as to how he could resist this sexy and oh so willing woman. So hit that button to hear us justify how this is an MMA movie (stop arguing, it kinda is!), but don’t forget that at the 43-minute mark we segue into a gab about our favourite horror flicks and our most horrifying scary-movie moments.

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Pedantry Alert: We said that JCVD is “playing a French guy”, but of course everyone—including us SATM’ers—knows he’s from Belgium (as in, “The Muscles From A Certain City In Belgium”), not France.


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